Grand Parade

Grand Parade


We are extremely proud to welcome The University of Brighton as our newest funding partner. Engage by Design has been privileged to receive Visiting Research status at the UoB enabling us to use the equipment and facilities that would otherwise cost us thousands.

The University of Brighton has a long history of supporting excellence in research. Their multidisciplinary approach to research cuts across all schools and faculties and their researchers are making significant contributions to social, cultural, economic and environmental wellbeing across a broad range of work, from the arts, humanities and social sciences to the physical and life sciences, technology and engineering.

The UoB’s is making fantastic strides into sustainability research and The Faculty of Arts supports The Sustainability Network bringing together disciplines, research clusters, action groups and projects across the Faculty of Arts to increase the exchange of knowledge, the forging of new research alliances and the development of new and critical views of ‘sustainability’. All entries share a common reconsideration of our environments – given, grown, imagined, built – and an appreciation of their social and cultural complexity.

The University of Brighton’s Faculty of Arts also houses the Centre for Research & Development who’s main aims are to:

  • foster and promote research excellence in the creative and performing arts, design, architecture and the humanities.
  • support, encourage and develop the research activities of staff and postgraduate students in their pursuit of fresh insights, new knowledge and understanding.
  • enhance society’s understanding of human culture and creativity, past and present.

It is through the generosity of establishments such as the UoB that we are able to continue on our own journey helping pave the way for others.