GOod for Nothing and Designers Accord


Over the weekend of the 22/23/24 June 2012, Engage by Design in partnership with Them Big Oak Trees and Designers Accord organized Brighton’s first Good For Nothing, our own #SummerOfLove. And it certainly was full of love, we began, all very over excited on Friday night, with Aspall Cider fueling our enthusiasm whilst the three causes explained who they were and what they would like from the weekend. HiSbe started things off and told us about their plans to open their first 21st century SUPER market, selling food ‘how it Should be’. Gig Buddies highlighted how people with disabilities have socializing restrictions due to carers clocking off at 10pm, before most music events even start, and the antidote is Gig Buddies, a platform for music lovers to link up with people with disabilities and share the experience. PricePie described their simply genius way of letting the customer know where the money they spend on a product goes. Nestled down the North Laines in The Lighthouse, about 25 creative brains started to tick…

Signed up to their causes and ready for a weekend of doing good, the Good For Nothingers were greeted on Saturday morning with some much needed fresh coffee from Red Roaster and delicious croissants from Real Patisserie. The causes were challenged and Sam, Paul, Ruth and Amy had to “let their babies go and hope the monsters that came back only had two heads”.


Truly motivational beats were rolling the whole day thanks to DJ’s Danny Williams & Will Sumsuch.

Truly motivational beats were rolling the whole day thanks to DJ’s Danny Williams & Will Sumsuch.

A wholesome bagel and soup lunch from Bagelman was much needed with all the creative brainpower going on, and just as the do-gooders were edging back into work mode we had a visit from Ky from Lick Yogurt with a box full of wonderful probiotic frozen goodness.

With a little help from Hotel Chocolat(Brighton Store) the ideas and work just kept coming. Hesitantly we had to wrap up, but with some mind-blowing presentations from the teams, everyone was so impressed with what had been achieved in just one day! And so EbD , PricePie, and some GFNers went to Pavilion gardens to reflect with some slightly fermented apples.

Barely an hour in on Sunday and the teams were very quiet, all we could hear was Mark (Them Big Oak Trees) ‘being’ our DJ. What was lovely was that the Good For Nothingers had adopted the same amount of passion for the cause as the founders themselves, and this silence represented the crucial moments of this passion transforming into actual things.

With the deadline looming yet again it was hard to break for lunch but my gosh was it a good one, Higgidy pies went down a treat and it was a great chance for everyone, including our visitors the GFN founders + family, to have a chat.

The teams rapidly tied up their ends and manifested an immense amount of stuff ready for the presentations. By which point everyone was so high off the collaborative, do-good atmosphere that we were gagging to see the outcomes.

The causes definitely got more than they bargained for, floor plans (modeled here by our dedicated drop-in do-gooder who just happened to be a passing interior designer), QR codes, branding, social media, computer programs, spreadsheets to name a few of the things that were made. HiSbe had tears in their eyes. Everyone was gobsmacked at how awesomely productive and fun the whole process had been. We were honored to meet such a lovely group of people and a big thanks to all the Good For Nothingers from us.

See you at the next one!

Photos & copy by Zosia