Designers Accord - 1st in the UK

Thursday the 10th of March 2011 saw the first ever Designers Accord Town Hall meeting held at the United Kingdom. Engage by Design and undergraduate & postgraduate students from University of Brighton made up the team organising the event with help from University of Brighton and UoB’s The Springboard Grant.

The question that brought everyone together for the evening was “What actions can we take to design a more sustainable future?”

The presentations began with Peter Bentley followed by Gabriel Wulff. The third presentor was Professor Sandy Black, Professor of Fashion & Textiles Design Technology and Director for the Centre for Fashion Science both at the London College of Fashion. The next speaker was Karen Blincoe, the Director of Danish Designers in Copenhagen and ex-Director of the Schumacher College in Devon. Our final presentation was  Professor Marie Harder, the Sustainable Development facilitator for the University of Brighton.

Watch the taster for the event below.


Following the presentations and some good food and wine, we broke into groups to discuss what action we could take to design a more sustainable future.

The end of the evening bought us all back together to share the actions and ideas that had been brainstormed. Building different types of communities, getting closer to each other and our surrounding environments seemed to be the key thread that strung all of the groups together.

You can watch all the videos online in our YouTube channel

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