Engage by Design is a research and design studio founded by Rodrigo Bautista & Zoë Olivia John.

We specialise in designing strategic interventions that aim to support the transformation of a product or service into a more sustainable one by looking at the context in which it sits and understanding the systems as a whole.

EbD acts as a platform that enables dialogues and actions between a diverse range of disciplines around sustainability and design through creative outputs and workshops. 

We help to empower our partners and collaborators to generate meaningful change through opening conversations & providing space for reflection.

Zoë & Rodrigo both bring assorted backgrounds to EbD enabling truly distinct abilities and perspectives. These skills have been developed from a range of past projects that including creative design research and development of; systems, future visioning, product, commercial interiors & fashion both in the commercial and academic worlds.

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Rodrigo Bautista

Rodrigo is an award winner designer from ICSID and AIGA. He studied industrial design as a first degree and has a master’s degree in Branding & Communications Strategy and in Sustainable Design studied in Mexico and the UK respectively.

Through his work in many different industries, including media, products, services and telecommunications, Rodrigo has learned different methodologies that now help him tackle projects that vary in scale and scope. Rodrigo has worked for Telmex/America Movil, Leo Burnett, Liverpool, Idea Interior studio and Forum for the Future and also been a volunteer for organisations such as Greenpeace and WWOOF.

In addition to his previous experience he has co-produced the two ‘Town Halls’ Designers Accord in the UK (2011-2012) exploring the themes; sustainable actions and social innovation. During 2012 he was invited as Guardian panellist to discuss how technology can enable more sustainable lifestyles in the future.

Rodrigo has been teaching industrial and experience design courses at various universities (UNUM, CUC and Anahuac in Mexico) and has been guest lecturer, including University of Brighton and Winchester School of Art in the UK.

Today, he is a proud ‘Do-Gooder’ cause/affect member. He believes that design can transcend beyond the design world and stimulate world changing ideas. Rodrigo focuses his work on creative methods, strategic interventions and approaches to sustainable innovation.

Zoë Olivia John

Zoë is a lecturer and researcher in sustainable and reflective practices for art & design students and has contributed to several academic projects.
She is currently a full time PhD researcher with the Sustainable Design group at Loughborough Design School exploring the opportunities for engaging folk in designing meaningful and appropriate product lifetimes in fashion.

Zoë is a skilled workshop facilitator and business support coach with an emphasis on empathy, open discussion and creativity.  She is currently advising on innovation and has previously led on community engagement for The Big Lemon CIC; she has been the Managing Director for Wilderness Wood, a 21 century centre for slow and sustainable living; and directed product design and development co design projects with fairtrade NGO groups in Northern India.

In 2011, to much acclaim, she bought the Designers Accord to the UK and in 2012 was asked to lead the organisation in the EU.  Along side this, in 2012 she also co-founded and led the Brighton chapter of Good for Nothing, establishing a community of over 130 volunteers and, so far, supporting 7 pioneering local social enterprises. In 2014, after two amazing years she stepped down to let others in the community take the reins.

In 2015 Zoë founded the project Street Treasure. A community lead sharing platform, using social media to share found items. 'Street Treasures' are objects you see on the street that are still useable and need a new home.

At home you mostly will find her in the kitchen with her cat wrapped round her ankles, preserving perishables in the form of jams, jellies and chutneys or finding an excuse to bake (mostly cake).

A committed lifetime learner, her latest, biggest and most challenging project to date is Albert, born in December 2014.

Zoë is in her element when surrounded by people creating positive change and having a jolly good time in the process.

If you really want to, you can see her work history here.

We see it like this – Finite planet with a hellava lot of social and behavioural issues. We would like to help change that. If you would like to know more, lets chat. Its much more fun.