A collaboration with leading Designers, Social Commentators, Academics, Sustainability and Technology experts from across the world exploring how design is shaping this century and its potential for transformational change. 

We are working in partnership with Jan Leyssens from Regenerative Design. We are interested on new approaches to design in the 21st century, the increased number of designers in strategic positions on private and public organisations, and how design can have positive impact in human society on this planet.

As part of this project we have been interviewing leading figures, including non-designers (you can see their names below) practising design today from different regions in the world. We want to find patterns among their practices and share with people that cares about how this century is influencing design to generate debate and knowledge exchange.

The podcast?

We decided to publish all the conversations on a raw format so everyone can access to them as we interview all these amazing minds and people! You can listen to all of them down here.


We will be busy during autumn 2016 until end of winter of 2017 compiling a publication that will include:

1.      Multiple definitions of design from all interviewees.

2.      A short evolution of design over the years.

3.      Where design can have a greater impact in human development.

4.      Capabilities and skills that designers require this century.

5.      A list of resources with case studies.

We will be launching the publication February-April 2017 in NYC, London and Belgium. We will update this information closer to the date. We are looking for more partners, so please get in touch if you would like to find out more and join us.

Podcast interviewees

Manu Vollens,

Dr Jonathan Chapman

Michel Bawens

Jan Van Loo

Evangelina Guerra

Terry Irwin,

Stefaan Vandist

Idil Gaziulusoy

Irene Maldini

Deepak Mehta

Aldo Sollazo

Lucie Barthlen

Grace Jun

Enroll Yourself

Jorge Diego

Chris Sherwin

Ben Hageneers

Johan Valcke

Saskia Westerduin

Clare Cunningham

 Kristel Peeters